Special Recommendation
Innovation 2.0
Innovation 2.0 & Knowledge Society Seminar
Complexity Science and Urban Mangement

From Digital City Management to Smart City Management
United Nations High Level Seminar Focus on Digital Economy Driven by Innovation 2.0
Mobile Government @ mgov.cn

I am proud that I contributed to the following Organizations and their websites:
Beijing Municipal Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau of City Administration
Greener Beijing Institute
- An Active Environmental NGO in China

Gov Lab China
(Mobile Government Laboratory China)

My Personal: Websites in English
Online Chinese Dynasty Wedding Ceremony
LEAD TV Channel 10 Special

Cyberspace Villa

LEAD-China Cohort 10
Tour to Bangkok, Thailand
Tour to Brazil
Tour to United Kingdom
Chevening China @ UK
London School of Economics
and Political Science

Life at Silver Walk Residence

My Personal Blog @ sina.com

My Personal: Famous Chinese Websites
Dynasty Wedding Online
Complexity Science and Urban Mangement
Mobile Government
Chevening China @ UK
Chinese Students @ UK Universities
Tang-Song Dynasty Online

Internet Surfing Guide Series:
GRCHINA Website Directory
Online Newspaper and Book Guide
Online Guide for Civil Servant

All Chinese Government Directory
Dynasty Travel Guide

My Personal: Other Chinese Websites
Mobile Government @ mobility.grchina.com
Mirror in UK, Mirror in US
Chevening Chinese Scholar @ UK
London School of Economics
and Political Science

Beijing Congress 2004
Three Representatives and 16th Party Congress
MPA Union of China
MPA of Renmin University of China
LEAD - China Cohort 10
Dynasty Cinema
Alu Ancient Cave in Luxi, Yunnan Province
Travel to Yeshanpo, Hebei Province
Travel to the North East China
LEAD Session in Thailand
LEAD Session in Brazil

LEAD Session in UK

Cambridge LSE Imperial College


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